Innovative design that incorporates a brick-lined oven and heat-deflecting plate to push heat out instead of up.




Get an Elegant Outdoor Grilling and Heating Stove for Entertainment

Are you looking for a beautiful and versatile outdoor grilling and heating stove  foryour outdoor parties?  Bakewell Burners are a maneuverable outdoor fireplace made with the highest-quality craftsmanship in New Zealand. These outdoor grilling stoves are constructed of aluminum, which makes them durable and safe.

Our elegant outdoor grilling stoves are designed to be the centerpiece heating element for gatherings, but they also workwonders as any brick-lined, wood-fired oven. This means you can easily bake, sauté, and roast delicious food and even get a homemade pizza cooked within minutes.

So, whether you’re entertaining a large group or just want to enjoy a few meals out on the deck, reach out to us today and get our perfect outdoor grilling stoves for your home.