Bakewell Burners are proudly Made In New Zealand

The first time I saw a Bakewell was in a friend’s backyard one summer’s day in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. The air was still, and the sun was warm, but by evening, there was a chill that is similar to the climate in the Bay Area of California: beautiful, hot days with crisp evenings and mornings.

There were three, beautiful Puka Trees; tropical-looking large-leaved evergreen trees that are endemic to New Zealand, surrounding the lawn with paths leading to the outdoor dining area and separate living space. I noticed the fireplace from a distance, and the design sparked my interest.


A person tossing some veggies on an outdoor grill



An elegant outdoor grilling & heating stove for entertaining

The Bakewell Burner is a maneuverable outdoor fireplace that is made with the highest-quality craftsmanship in New Zealand

it is maneuverable
on wheels

It’s easy to move it on hard, flat surfaces even though it weighs nearly 800 lbs.