Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Make Your Next Party A Little More Festive With Our Elegant Brick Lined Pizza Oven on Wheels

When you need a pizza oven on wheels, look no further than Bakewell Burners.

The Bakewell Burners outdoor wood fired pizza oven on wheels is the perfect accompaniment to your outdoor cooking needs.

Whether you’re making pizzas, braising meats, or just want to light up the backyard during cool winter evenings, this brick-lined pizza oven is the perfect choice.

With its partially-enclosed hooded design and heavy-duty caster wheels, you’ll have no trouble transporting this unit from place to place.This brick-lined pizza oven also comes with a built-in rotisserie attachment which means you can cook poultry or meat using the same method as you would if you were using a normal oven.The Bakewell Burners are constructed from high quality aluminum ensuring that they will last for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? With its affordable price point and easy-to-use features, our outdoor pizza oven on wheels is sure to make a great addition to any outdoor space! Get yours today!

Enjoy Fresh-Baked Pizzas In No Time At All!

Baking breads, and pizzas has never been easier!

Whether you’re serving up savory pizzas for dinner with friends or enjoying a relaxing picnic with your family, our outdoor wood fired pizza oven on wheels will make your outdoor dining experience more enjoyable than ever before.

This beautiful, sturdy pizza oven on wheels helps make the most out of your outdoor baking experience with friends and family. It’s also the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for your next barbecue or campfire. With a durable aluminum frame and built-in wood firebox, this pizza oven will stand up to whatever you throw at it!

Although our portable brick-lined pizza ovens weigh approximately 800 lbs with the bricks, they are designed with sturdy wheels for easy mobility and can be used anywhere from your backyard to a field or park.

Handcrafted in New Zealand, and available for the first time in the USA in exclusive quantities, our outdoor pizza oven on wheelscome with an installation and care guide.Not only our outdoor ovens are designed to be portable and easy to use, but they also offer a stylish design and a powerful heating system.

So if you’re looking for an outdoor pizza oven that will last through the seasons without having to replace parts every year, reach out to us today and get a pizza oven on wheels installed in no time.