Bakewell Burners Outdoor Fireplace – Matte Black

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With clean classic lines the Bakewell Burner is an entertainer’s dream. Never outdated, these fires will suit all situations and complement a variety of design aesthetics. Maneuverable on wheels to find that perfect location.

Designed to be a centerpiece for gathering while multi-functioning as a brick-lined, wood-fired oven.  Once you have completed cooking, simply swing the hot plate out of the way, stoke up the fire, sit back and enjoy the heat and ambiance.

Standard and premium accessories included with your Bakewell Burner:

  • Main fireplace with attached wood storage box
  • Pair of removable side tables
  • Fire door
  • Cast iron hot plate with swivel arm and handle
  • Heat deflecting plate
  • Genuine firebricks
  • Stainless steel flue and rain hat
  • Fire wool
  • Wheels
  • High-temp resistant matte black paint finish

Made in New Zealand

The Bakewell Burner is the ultimate outdoor fireplace, barbecue, and wood-fired oven made with the highest-quality craftsmanship.  This versatile fireplace is the perfect focal point for the creative entertainer.  Stylish, durable, rust-proof, weather-proof, and maneuverable on wheels.  This outdoor fireplace provides a distinctive entertaining solution.

Gather around the hearth, stoke up the fire, and enjoy the heat and ambiance.  Cook your favorite dishes by frying, roasting, or baking.

The Bakewell will bring your outdoor space up to the next level.


  • Approximately 52” wide x 34” deep x 67” high (without side tables attached)
  • Approximately 94” wide x 34” deep x 67” high (with side tables attached)
  • Fire opening is approximately 27.5” wide


  • Without the bricks, the fireplace weighs approximately 375 lbs.  (This includes the fireplace, side tables, hotplate, door, deflecting plate, flue, rain hat, and fire wool)
  • The wooden crate and pallet for shipping weigh an additional 134 lbs.
  • With the bricks installed, the total weight is approximately 780 lbs.  (The fireplace is on wheels, and can be maneuvered on hard surfaces).

Paint/ color:

  • Exterior is painted in a high temperature, heat resistant matte black (suitable for temps up to 1800 degrees Farenheight), and can withstand thermal shock.


  • Genuine fire bricks

Aluminum grade:

  • 6mm marine grade

Flue and hat:

  • 304 stainless steel

Spruce Your Outdoors with Our Uniquely-Designed Outdoor BBQ and Fireplace Ovens

Whether you’re looking to add an outdoor fireplace oven to your backyard or simply want to get the value for your buck with a new wood-fired brick-lined oven, we can help!

At Bakewell Burners, we are all about making your outdoor living spaces warm and cozy while you enjoy a good meal with your friends and family. Our versatile outdoor fireplace oven is the perfect focal point for your backyard and provides a distinctive entertaining solution.

At Bakewell Burners, you can get your hands on the most stylish, durable, rust and weather-proof, and maneuverable outdoor barbecue oven on wheels too. It’s made with the highest-quality craftsmanship in New Zealand for you to enjoy some delicious wood-fired pizzas and BBQ.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather around the hearth, stoke up the fire, and enjoy the heat and ambiance. Or cook your favorite dishes by frying, roasting, or baking.

For further details, feel free to reach out to us today and learn more about our services.

Additional information

Weight 775 lbs
Dimensions 52.00 × 34.00 × 67.00 in

11 reviews for Bakewell Burners Outdoor Fireplace – Matte Black

  1. Kate Clay

    Love it. Well worth the investment. – Kate Clay, New Zealand

  2. Jeff Meekings

    Great products and service. You won’t be disappointed. – Jeff Meekings, New Zealand

  3. Mike Spain

    Our’s is still going great. – Mike Spain, New Zealand

  4. Ron McQuilter

    Really impressed with this unit, fire, BBQ, and pizza oven all in one and mobile. Thanks heaps Bakewell. – Ron McQuilter, New Zealand

  5. Tracy Came

    Absolutely love our outdoor fireplace. Couldn’t be happier. – Tracy Came, New Zealand

  6. Shaun Harrison

    I’m using your fiure at least twice a week. It has completely changed the way we use our home, even when the weather isn’t that great. – Shaun Harrison, New Zealand

  7. Maureen Purtill

    It is SO fun to cook on a Bakewell. It’s both beautiful and functional, and an incredible centerpiece to any outdoor gathering with friends or family. – Maureen Purtill, Occidental, CA

  8. Nick Tappan

    Super Rad outdoor cooking and chilling experience! – Nick Tappan, Sebastopol, CA

  9. Angeline DeLaurentis

    I LOVE the Bakewell Burner in my backyard. It completes my outdoor space! – Angeline DeLaurentis, Burlingame, CA

  10. Matt Edwards

    Just cooked 2 huge steaks and some chicken on the hot plate for the big open fire!! Would 100% recommend this product! Worth every dollar ! Thanks team ! – Matt Edwards, New Zealand

  11. Dave Sherry

    We cooked a whole chook dinner in our Dutch oven on it and did a casserole the following night and it is fair to say we love the stove! Shame I didn’t know about you guys before – we would have bought one ages ago likely. – Dave Sherry, New Zealand

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