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5 Tips To Use An Outdoor Grilling Stove

Want to make your cooking experience more enjoyable while adding a unique touch to your backyard? We’ve got just the right thing for you!

Outdoor grilling stoves are not only a great way to cook food but can also act as a centerpiece fireplace oven for additional warmth during a backyard barbecue.

If you want to learn how to make the most out of your outdoor grilling stove, here are some tips to look out for:

1. The ease of assembly

The ease of assembly for an outdoor grilling stove can vary depending on the specific model and brand you choose. While some models may come pre-assembled, others may require some effort to assemble.

That is why we recommend installing our easy-to-assemble grilling stoves that come with a detailed instruction guide and require only 2 people and no heavy machinery to get it installed within 2 hours.

2. Choose the right wood

The type of wood you use can greatly affect the flavor and heat of your grill. Hardwoods, such as oak and hickory, burn longer and produce more heat than softer woods, like pine or cedar. It’s also important to choose seasoned wood, as it has had time to dry out and will burn more efficiently. Avoid using treated wood or any wood that has been painted, as these can release harmful chemicals into the air when burned.

3. Properly start and maintain the fire

Begin by using small, dry kindling and gradually add larger pieces of wood as the fire grows. You can also use a fire starter or a small amount of newspaper to help get the fire going.

4. Use different cooking techniques

There are a few cooking techniques you can use to get the most out of your outdoor grilling stove. One is to use indirect heat (for techniques like baking and charring), which involves placing the food on one side of the grill while the wood is on the other. This allows the food to cook slowly and evenly and allows you to add smoke flavor by adding wood chips to the fire. Another technique is to sauté or roast larger cuts of meat slowly and evenly.

Try all these methods to see which works best for you.

A person tossing some veggies on an outdoor grill

5. Keep the grilling stove clean

Since an outdoor wood-burning stove is made from durable aluminum, you don’t really need to do anything extra to protect it from the scorching sun, ocean salt, or rainstorms. However, it’s still best to use our installation and care guide to keep your outdoor wood-fired stoves clean over the years. Also, use a grill brush to remove any excess food or debris after each use.

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